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4 Parameters Swimming Pool Spa Hot Tub Water Test Strip 4 in 1

W-4 swimming pool, spa, hot tub water, and drinking water test strip 4 in 1 test 4 items once, such as PH, Hardness, Total alkalinity, residual chlorine, bromine. The amount of residual chlorine in the water is designed to protect human health and safety. The residual chlorine in the factory water is more than or equal to 0.3mg/l, and the residual chlorine in the water at the end of the pipe network is more than or equal to 0.05mg/l.

Product Details

If the residual chlorine content is too low, the bacteria at the end of the pipe network will breed, the expected disinfection effect will not be achieved, and the water quality will deteriorate, so it can not be used. If the content is too high, after all, too high chloride content is harmful to human health

Product Features

Swimming Pool & Aquarium & Pond & Drinking water Test Stirps

OEM and Customized Packing Are Approved

Product Parameters

Customized support: OEM, ODM
Place of Origin: Jilin, China
Model Number: W-4
Package: OEM /Neutral
application: test for water, pool, spa, aquarium
Product name: W-4 reagent strips for water
Certificate: CE ISO of water test strips
Function: Early Detection
Keyword: Drinking Water, pool, SPA water
mylar of strips: PVA plastic Water Total Test Strips

Application and After-Sales Service

Simply dip one test strip into the water and wait for 5 seconds. Remove the test strip, hold it horizontally for 30 seconds, and then compare it to the Total Alkalinity, pH, Iron, Copper, Lead, Total Hardness, and Free Chlorine against the color on the chart to get a rough estimate.


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