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6 In 1 Pool & Spa Test Strips

W-6 test strips 6 parameters Test Items: Ph, Total Alkali, nitrite, residual chlorine, total chlorine, hardness. Swimming Pool, SPA, hot spring water, drinking water, aquarium, industrial water, pond water quality test.New Upgraded. More Accurate.[6 WAY POOL WATER TEST STRIPS]The Accurate POOL TEST STRIPS for your swimming pool & spa hot tubs.Testing pH, free chlorine/bromine, total chlorine, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid, total hardness at a time.

Product Details

[EXTREMELY EASY TO USE] pool testing strips, Just dip a strip in water for 2 seconds, take it out, and wait for 15 seconds, compared with the large color chart on the bottle. you can get accurate results on water quality.

[High Precision]the spa and pool water test strip 100 counts are made of high-quality imported filter paper. Each swimming pool test strip provides highly accurate and reliable instant results for any water sources including spas and hot tubs, fresh and saltwater pools.

[What you get]If you’re not satisfied with our hot tub test strips, please contact us freely. We suggest pool&spa water quality should be tested every week. Our total hardness water test strips help test the swimming pool, Spa, hot tub’s water chemistry, bring healthy clean, and safe water.

Product Features

6-in-1 precision water quality test paper, high accuracy, especially no bleeding color pad, easy to operate, convenient colorimetric test, simple, quick and accurate, easy to read color icon, will not fade over time, economical, accurate data, save time, and money

Product Parameters

instrument classification: Class II
Warranty:1 years
Package: OEM /Neutral
application: test for water, pool, spa, aquarium
Product name: W-6 reagent strips for water
Certificate: CE ISO of water test strips
Function: Early Detection
Specimen: Drinking Water, pool, SPA water
mylar of strips: PLA /PVC
Language: English. Chinese

Application and After-Sales Service

[ inspection method ]: 1. open the sealed film, take out a test paper, immediately cover the bottle cap. 2. Dip The reaction area of the test strip into the solution for 1-2 seconds. Remove the Test Strip and dip the paper into the excess water. After 3 or 15 seconds, the reaction area of the Test Strip is compared with the color of the colorimetric card to determine the test value of the solution to be tested. 4. The best control of colorimetric time is the 60s, too long and too short will affect the reading.


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