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Animal Disease Test Strips Are Widely Used In Pet Hospitals For Their Fast And Accurate Characteristics


Illness poses a great threat to the health of pets. At present, the traditional methods for the diagnosis of these diseases virus isolation and gene (PCR, rt-PCR, and so on) and immunological detection (Elisa, immunofluorescence). Although these methods have high specificity, they can only be limited to well-equipped laboratories or pet hospitals, and these methods need professional and technical personnel to operate, at the same time, there are disadvantages such as time-consuming test results. However, the COLLOIDAL Gold Strip technique can overcome the above shortcomings and provide a new way for disease diagnosis. It is widely used for its simple operation and fast detection results. As a result of COLLOIDAL gold strip products’ low prices, pet owners can white line detection. This not only can detect the disease earlier, but also can save a lot of testing costs. It's also a good option for underequipped pet clinics. At present, the COLLOIDAL gold diagnostic strips of these infectious diseases have been commercialized. In recent years, the research of Gold Standard Card colloidal gold strip has gradually become a research hotspot. Through continuous innovation, some domestic research units and biological companies have developed a series of dog and cat colloidal gold strip detection products, these include some important cross-examination strip products, such as Canine distemper-toxoplasma Antigen duplex, Canine distemper-canine Parainfluenza duplex (CDV-CPIV), Canine Parainfluenza duplex (CPV-CCV) and so on.

The unique advantages of colloidal gold immunochromatography (GICA) make it possible to realize a rapid diagnosis. At present, GICA has become a hotspot of research and application in many fields. On the one hand, the research of the technology is deepening; on the other hand, the scope of the technology to detect substances is also expanding, involving pathogens, hormones, drugs, drugs, heavy metals, and so on. However, the current colloidal gold immunochromatography technology still has some deficiencies, such as the sensitivity of detection to be further improved. In the future, a Colloidal Gold immunochromatographic essay will be developed in the direction of semi-quantitative, quantitative, and multivariate detection. According to many related articles published in China in recent years, this technology has become the research focus of many scientific research units. At present, colloidal gold immunochromatography (GICA) provides a new rapid detection method for veterinary clinical diagnosis, especially for grass-roots level, and it is believed that GICA will be widely used in the detection field.

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