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Glucose and Ketone Test Strips URS-2K

URS-2K is a test Strip for the detection of glucose and ketone in urine.

Product Details

Product Features

1.Urine dipstick test diabetes.   CE ISO13485 approval.
2.Urine dipstick test diabetes.   OEM design welcome.
3.Urine dipstick test diabetes.   accurate result.
4.Urine dipstick test diabetes.   rapid 30 seconds result.
5.Urine dipstick test diabetes.   specialized manufacturer.

Product Parameters

The strip length is 90 mm and the color block size is 5 * 5 mm
Certificate: CE ISO
Advantage: Anti-VC
Shelf life:2 years
package:50/100/150 strips/barrels

glucose and ketone test strips urs 2k7

Application and After-Sales Service

The following people need to be tested for Urine Glucose and urine ketone URS-2K
1 Endocrine disease, diabetes, pituitary, and adrenal diseases and Acromegaly opposite of Microcephaly, functional pancreatic tumors, pancreatitis, etc. . 2 Dietary Diabetes, excessive intake of carbohydrates, 3 transient diabetes is seen after vigorous exercise, head trauma, cerebral hemorrhage, seizures, all kinds of poisoning

what does ketones trace mean?

When the body does not get enough carbohydrates or sugar, it breaks down fats and fatty acids for fuel, which produces ketones, states MedlinePlus. Ketones in trace amounts can indicate the body is beginning to build up stores, according to Healthline.

What does high glucose in urine mean?
According to WebMD, high blood sugar levels cause excess glucose in the urine. High blood sugar levels are common in people with uncontrolled diabetes. When an individual’s blood sugar level is high, it can spill into the urine. Glucose in the urine can also occur if the kidneys are suffering from damage or disease.


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