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Hardness Test Strips For Dishwasher, Pool, Drinking Water, Aquarium, Spa

Upgrade: The total hardness test strips have 5 LEVELS and 4 PARAMETERS that improve the test efficiency and accuracy makes these strips more trustable, you don’t need to visit a hardware store or wait for someone else to check the quality of your water, save your money.

Product Details

Easy to Distinguish: The water hardness test strips turn from green to purple for the water hardness 0-425ppm=(0-425mg/L), the color difference is more obvious, easier to compare the strip color to the color chart. In addition, the test strips are made of the environmental protection material of PLA.

Quick Read Accurate Result: Submerge pool test strip underwater for 2s, Hold it still in the air for about 15s, then match up the colors of the strip to the back of the bottle to get your readings, only take 17s.
Apply: The water hardness needs periodical testing and monitoring. You can test all water sources including home faucets & taps, well water, fresh and saltwater pools, spas, hot tubs, drinking water, aquariums, and many more.

Product Features

Advantage of Our Product
1. Accurate and Sensitive
2. Easy to Read
3. The more you know about your water, the better you are at protecting your family
4. Accurate and rapid test.
5. Professional R&D team
6. OEM design is welcome
7. Free sample can provide.
8. Price reasonable

Product Parameters

Warranty:1 year
Type: Water test
Certification: water test, PET
Customized support: OEM, ODM
Place of Origin: Jilin, China
Brand Name: Brand/OEM/Neutral
Model Number: W-1 hardness
Product name: water test kit
Item: hardness
Usage: pool/spa/drinking water test
Certificate: CE ISO
Shelf life:1 year
Material: PET
Specification:50strips/barrel, 100strips/barrel
MOQ:50 barrels
Sample: free samples

Application range and after-sales service

We supply all kinds of OEM services for the customer. Such as:
Design test rage
Private label and box printing
Customized packing requirement
Rapid Test Service assurance
Service tenet: quick and decisive and thoughtful thorough and accurate;
Service objectives: service quality to win customer satisfaction;
with the product for testing, and promptly get back to you
Service principles: products in the course of product issues caused by improper operation, we will provide a solution.


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