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Animal Disease Test Strips Are Widely Used In Pet Hospitals For Their Fast And Accurate Characteristics (CF Awards) 2021 2021-06-17

Illness poses a great threat to the health of pets. At present, the traditional methods for the diagnosis of these diseases virus isolation and gene (PCR, rt-PCR, and so on) and immunological detection (Elisa, immunofluorescence). Although these methods have high specificity, they can only be limited to well-equipped laboratories or pet hospitals, and these methods need professional and technical personnel to operate, at the same time, there are disadvantages such as time-consuming test resul...

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The Acidity And Alkalinity Of Nongfu Mountain Spring Mineral Water Were Tested With Test Paper (CF Awards) 2021 2021-06-17

Jiaodong online May 16 news (reporter, Li Tingting) for a while the standard gate of gongfu spring has been making a lot of noise, and gongfu spring has also taken a variety of public relations firms such as buying water and sending Ph test paper to prove itself, to find out our drinking water around the PH value is how much, the reporter came to Yantai City Quality Inspection Station for personal testing. The standards for different bottled water are different. The reporter bought several bo...

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HIV test paper was most frequently used among college students (CF Awards) 2021 2021-06-17

14,196, the number of people who died of AIDS in China in the first 10 months of this year, accounting for 82 percent of all legally reported deaths from infectious diseases in the same period. 25898, is an electrical shop AIDS test paper sales in one month. 4 is the number of complaints the store has received. Because a product promotion price tail number 4, customer service received a large number of customer complaints, the final price change. In China, the awareness rate of people living ...

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